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How We Work Left Brain plays with Right Brain

For each project, SuperOxygen, Inc will work with a project manager to coordinate all aspects of the deliverable. The following will apply to most projects types.

Initiation:  All projects start with the nature and scope of the project.  This includes deliverables, objectives, resources needed, risks/issues and a cost estimate.

Planning & Design:  After initiation, the project goes into Planning & Design phase.  Here we scope out timing on the deliverables, develop a schedule (Gantt Chart), and create concepts to choose from.  (On average, we develop three concepts)

Execution:  Once we have met all objects and have chosen a concept, we move into execution and production of the chosen concept.

Monitoring & Controlling: After the deliverable is completed we assess whether the deliverable is meeting goals and identify any risks/issues and address them as necessary.

Closing:  After we have met all objectives/ deliverables and the project is complete, we get a sign off from the client. We also identify any lessons learned that we can apply to future projects.



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