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Restore Malibu Lagoon

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Restore Malibu Lagoon Project ongoing - Jun 2012
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The Malibu Lagoon State Park was in serious trouble. Used as a dumping site for debris and construction waste during much of the last century, the western portion of the lagoon suffered from poor circulation. As a result, the water’s oxygen levels have plummeted to near zero in sections, which threatened fish and wildlife and promoted the proliferation of bacteria which was harmful to all.  And further more, there was a group of activists who were challenging the restoration project.

SuperOxygen, Inc worked with California State Parks and a team of scientists to develop a website that educated the local residents in all phases on the restoration project.  Updates of the water quality are currently being posted once a week.  Also a grass roots program was implemented to pass out flyers promoting the web site and townhall meetings.

Over the 60-day campaign, local residents have come to embrace the project and are excited about the new lagoon. Water quality and circulation have improved tremendously and the group of activists have backed off from their campaign.  In short, the client has deemed this project a true success.



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