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There’s a special moment in a campaign when you see all the pieces come together. The online advertising is playing off the broadcast advertising. Newspaper ads are reflecting the same messaging as the radio spots. And direct mail is waiting, patiently to reinforce that message right at your door step — or inbox. Then it happens — the product actually delivers on that message! This is when advertising is at its best. it’s touching the consumer with insight and emotion. it’s firing on all cylinders. It’s call integrated branding. And it’s what we live and breathe here at SuperOxygen, Inc.

Print Advertising : Newspaper & Magazine
Broadcast Production : TV, Internet & Radio, Motion Graphics
Interactive : Web, Mobile, Viral, & Social
Direct Marketing : Snail Mail & Email
Branding : Corporate Identity
Guerrilla Marketing : Wild Postings,
Public Relations : Press Kits, Releases & Product Launches
Event Marketing : Promotions & Sports Events
Photography : Product, Life, Photo-journalistic

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